Blue Cheese


The Pioneer Of Ghanaian Intercontinental Fusion


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Brand Identity Design
Poster Design
Print Material
Social Content

The Challenge

Make the digital and physical brand interaction match the high touch feel of this quaint, premium food brand and increase the visibility of the Blue Cheese Brand.

The Client

The client reached out to us looking to set up a food brand that turns heads. Something that the Ghanaian populace had not seen before.

The Bottom Line

A new logo, brand guide, packaging design and marketing materials that supported the Chef and his mission as the pioneer of Ghanaian Intercontinental Fusion that caters to adventure seekers and people of class looking to experience fine Ghanaian dining


To reflect Chef Kiko’s mission to and the premium Ghanaian experience, we created a handwritten brandmark inspired by the Chef’s hand himself. This brand mark ties the entire brand identity together and reinforces the core of the brand when it is extended across both print and digital touchpoint.

The result is an elegant, progressive identity for a creative, and purpose-driven brand.

“I was admittedly skeptical when starting the project with this team. I wasn’t sure my idea for the brand’s experienced would be captured effectively in this brand mark. I am thrilled by the process and the result. Everyone loves it!”


Chef Kiko
Founder and CEO, Blue Cheese

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