How to Find Your Brand Voice

A lot goes into building a brand for your business. And one of the key things to take note of is the ability to clearly define your brand voice.

The same way every human being has a unique fingerprint is the same way all brands have unique components. And a brand voice is one. 

Here are the two main steps involved in coming up with your unique brand voice.

  1. Knowing Your Niche Category.

In the case where you don’t know where to start, you can start here. Identify the industry within which your brand operates. 

For example, if you operate in the Sports Industry or Athletic Industry, you’d realise there is a tone most of these brands have in common. For this industry, they are primarily inspirational. 

In the event where you want a place to start, you can start there.

  1. Add You!

Now that you have identified your starting point, the next step, which is often overlooked by most brands, is to add a unique trait(s). 

This could be in your personality when speaking. It could also be in a signature tag line. It could be a huge addition that screams “unique”, or it could be a subtle difference that over time would set you apart from the rest. 

Whatever it is, you have to make sure you get it in there!

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